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Red Arroyo Trail

One of the greatest new features the City has added to its parks system in the past few years has been the Red Arroyo Trail. The Red Arroyo Trail is located at 3215 Millbrook Drive.

Click here for the Red Arroyo Trail map.

The trail is a 14-foot wide path that runs from Knickerbocker Road in the east to Sherwood Way in the west, connecting all the neighborhoods along the way. There are two loops, one between Sul Ross Street and South College Hills Boulevard, and the other between South College Hills and Forest Trail. The total trail length with sections and loops, but not spurs, is 3.6 miles. With spurs added, the total is 4 miles.

The setting is ideal, following the Red Arroyo tributaries through rolling plains and riparian zones with native plants and wildflowers, trees, birds and animals of many types.

One of the most unique attributes of the Red Arroyo Trail is the collection of art created and installed by the local group Art in Uncommon Places. Led by Julie Raymond and Joy Logan, artists and supporting volunteers are developing and installing some of the most creative public art in San Angelo. The art includes:

  • Several thousand feet of glow-in-the-dark stones embedded in sections of the trail (primarily from South College Hills Boulevard to Sherwood Way).
  • Two colonies of ants. (The ants also serve as benches.)
  • Large ornamental bird cages with benches.
  • Boat silhouettes.
  • Large snails.
  • Mosaic distance markers.
  • Tall mosaic totems.
  • Mosaic benches.
  • Larger than life gabion statues, along with other works that must be seen to truly be enjoyed.

These works of art create one of the most unique public spaces in West Texas. Not only is the trail a place for transportation, recreation and exercise, it is also a place of artistic interest. Trail users can enjoy art all along the way, from beginning to end.

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