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Sheep Statues of San Angelo

If you ever find yourself in San Angelo, Texas one of the first things you'll notice about the city is that there are statues of sheep out front of many of the local businesses. These fiberglass statues decorated by local artists commemorate San Angelo's historical importance as a wool marketing center. In 2007 to honor the Miss Wool of America pagent the local nonprofit, Downtown San Angelo, came up with the Sheep Spectacular. From the 2009 Standard Times Article by Justin Zamudio:

"The whole idea behind the Sheep Spectacular was to truly honor our heritage in San Angelo," said Brenda Gunter, vice president for Downtown San Angelo, and owner of Miss Hattie's Cafe & Saloon. "San Angelo was known as the wool capital of the world, and it is still an important economic base to the city."

Gunter came up with the idea for the Sheep Spectacular program after seeing the successful way other cities used fiberglass animals. She said the idea thrived because San Angelo could base the fiberglass animals on the city's history of being the center of the wool and mohair industry and the Miss Wool Pageant, a contest that would crown a winner annually.1

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