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High School Musical Jr.

Date: June 24 - June 26, 2022
Murphey Performance Hall - 325.284.3825
Disney's smash hit movie musical comes to life on stage at Murphey Performance Hall! San Angelo Broadway Academy is proud to present Disney’s High School Musical! The modern day Romeo and Juliet that first won its way into the hearts of audiences as a made for TV movie in 2006. The handsome basketball star Troy and beautiful, brainy Gabriella battle the “Status Quo” expected by the set cliques in school, who are threatened by mixing groups when he happens upon Gabriella auditioning for the school musical and discovers that he can sing. While the Drama Club diva arranges to set up a clash of Troy’s big game with Gabriella’s Science Decathlon, friends on both sides emerge to save the day to find a way to let the couple break free from expectations and shine on stage together. Stereotypes are relinquished and barriers between cliques are broken down as the characters’ infectious enthusiasm and unity defy the odds over old expectations. Sing along with the familiar tunes and tap your feet with San Angelo Broadway Academy as they bring this optimistic coming of age musical to life!

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